the 17910 #s seem to always been the pull cable and the 17920 push....pc I 
found the link to the Honda parts numbers in crashed on me and I cannot 
recall what the name of the site was.....I literally spent hours several 
days trying to locate cables for this bike....if we get another 30 years 
out of these we replaced the originals with we'll be 78 and likely never 
need to replace them again....

On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 7:50:18 PM UTC-5, Tommy Hill wrote:
> I will need to look and find them IF I still have some.  Unfortunately, I 
> am jammed tomorrow and leave the next day for basically two weeks.  I will 
> do my best to look tomorrow for you.
> The carb cables are swappable with certain other models.  
> Here is what I was told is a direct replacement. I bought them but have 
> not tried to install them. 
> Honda OEM parts
> 17920-MW3-670
> and 17910-MW3-P00
> Not sure which is puller or pusher.

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