Puneeth Chaganti <puncha...@muse-amuse.in>

> I'm with Roberto on not having additional export steps, and that's the reason 
> I
> originally created the org-mode compiler plugin for Nikola.

I understand, although having additional extra steps are not so bad
considering one can directly export orgmode post under Nikola site’s
content area.

> I'm guilty of not maintaining it very actively, though. I'll try to work on 
> the
> pending GitHub issues in the next couple of weeks.

For now I was just testing some esoteric issue - nested footnotes which
cannot be handled properly in many markup formats…

Both org-mode and rst can do it, bit there are differences in the
rendered output when one deploys both methods.

Here is the sample org-mode file:

.. title: Footnote Test
.. slug: footnote-test
.. date: 2016-10-18 10:43:50 UTC+02:00
.. tags: test
.. category: technical, nikola
.. link: 
.. description: 
.. type: text
.. author: Gour

* Footnote test post

This is a sentence to test[fn:1] nested footnotes.

That’s all for now!

[fn:2] And this is a second or nested one. 

[fn:1] This is a first[fn:2] footnote.

Try to render it with e.g. default bootstrap theme.

When I use org-mode’s publishing/exporting platform to export the same
input file into Nikola post I get:

.. title: Export to Nikola
.. slug: export-to-nikola
.. date: 2016-10-18 10:51:57
.. tags: test, export
.. link: techical, nikola
.. description: 
.. type: text
.. author: Gour

1 Orgmode plugin

This is a sentence to test [1]_  nested footnotes.

That’s all for now!

.. [1] This is a first [2]_  footnote.

.. [2] And this is a second or nested one.

which is more pleasing and according to the result I’d get if writing
directly in rst.

So, for now, I believe I’ll use the 2nd method…by keeping an eye on
org-mode plugin.


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