I have 3 sections of posts and on the front page of my site I would like to 
display the most recent n posts (maybe n=5) from each section.

Section Foo
2016-10-14  Title ...
2016-10-15  Title 2 ...

Section Bar
2016-10-13  Title 3 ...


I've got the front page displaying one list of all posts.  I don't really 
understand what controls the layout of the front page - I guess it gets a 
list of all posts and displays them using index.tmpl?   I thought about 
trying to filter by section (e.g. if post.section() =="Foo") but apparently 
posts don't have a section attribute.   My best guess is I need to do 
something special to get a custom template for the front page, and do 
something else to get a list of posts for each section?  I'm over my head 
at this point.

Many thanks

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