Hello everybody, 
I'd like to announce here that I'm maintaining an automated (so updated 
quite often) Nikola Docker build. It's updated automatically and some users 
are actively using it, so it should be following the release schedule quite 
closely. It's a very simple yet powerful way to test, use and update Nikola.

There are four variants: dragas/nikola (which is the amd64 Debian Stretch 
build), dragas/nikola:alpine (smaller, the one I use mostly, which is the 
amd64 Alpine Linux 3.7 build, with Python 3.6. One day it will become the 
default one), dragas/nikola:dev (based on Alpine 3.7, built starting from 
the master branch on github, so bleeding edge) and the Raspberry PI variant 
(actually, a generic ARM one, dragas/rpi-nikola).

Just my two cents to give back something to this beautiful piece of 


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