No. The crossing of compileTime / runtime boundary with `{.compileTime.}` var 
is completely unreliable and has many many bugs.

I'm in favor of removing it to return to the situation 6 months ago.

    # Declare separate var for compile-time and runtime
    var CT_x {.compileTime.} = false
    var x: bool
    # Compile time processing
      CT_x = true
    # Cross the compile-> runtime boundary (and enforce CT evaluation)
    x = static(CT_x)
    # Runtime processing
    echo x

AFAIK allowing {.compileTime.} variableq to exist at runtime was only added to 
allow taking addresses of const arrays (as you can't take addresses of const). 
I'm convinced it's a bad solution and it has already started to bite us. It's 
not tested and I'm not even sure there a case that works today.



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