# nim c -d:danger --opt:size --cpu:arm --cc:clang --clang.exe="zigcc" 
--clang.linkerexe="zigcc" --passC:"-O2 -target mipsel-linux-musl" --passL:"-O2 
-target mipsel-linux-musl" gencfg.nim
    Hint: used config file '/root/nim/config/nim.cfg' [Conf]
    Hint: used config file '/root/nim/config/config.nims' [Conf]
    Hint: system [Processing]
    Hint: widestrs [Processing]
    Hint: io [Processing]
    Hint: gencfg [Processing]
    Hint: os [Processing]
    Hint: strutils [Processing]
    Hint: parseutils [Processing]
    Hint: math [Processing]
    Hint: bitops [Processing]
    Hint: macros [Processing]
    Hint: algorithm [Processing]
    Hint: unicode [Processing]
    Hint: pathnorm [Processing]
    Hint: osseps [Processing]
    Hint: posix [Processing]
    Hint: times [Processing]
    Hint: options [Processing]
    Hint: typetraits [Processing]
    Hint: streams [Processing]
    Hint:  [Link]
    Hint: 61796 LOC; 0.435 sec; 76.281MiB peakmem; Dangerous Release build; 
proj: /root/gencfg_arm/gencfg.nim; out: /root/gencfg_arm/gencfg [SuccessX]

and then I transfer the gencfg program to my mipsel arch router: 
    # ./gencfg
    SIGILL: Illegal operation.

still error

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