Good to hear you solved it! BTW, I don't get anything when trying to
curl (seems like packets are dropped) -- interesting...

On 09/22/2016 01:20 PM, Sergey Mironov wrote:
> Nikolay, I made more research on the issue. It turns out that I had
> two different problems:
> 1) "Connecting to (||:80... failed:" -
> was the misconfigured http_proxy. Setting it correctly makes wget
> work. By  I mean is a valid name too, site
> provides some content.
> 2) "FailedConnectionException2 "" 443 True
> getProtocolByName: does not exist (no such protocol name: tcp)"
> message is actually produced by `stack` tool (Haskell package
> builder). This problem still exists. I think it is some corner case,
> related to gethostbyname() configuration.
> I will try to contact Stack maintainers.
> Thanks for quick response!
> Sergey

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