Fellow Nixers,

we’re having a three-day NixOS hackathon.

It will be in the hackerspace of the wonderful city
of Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany), at OpenLab Augsburg.

Friday, 4.11. – Sunday, 6.11.

On Saturday there will be an extensive introduction to NixOS
for everyone interested.
If you want to present what you are working on,
there will be space for that, too.

Please RSVP here:
or alternatively send me an email.

If anyone wants to travel from further, there is a nice youth
hostel in the city center that is ~10–15 minutes away:
A bit more expensive, but directly over the street is the
Stadthotel Augsburg https://goo.gl/maps/vMfwYVgqXZt

Drinks are available, we are still talking to people about
sponsoring the catering.

See you there!

Proudly written in Mutt with Vim on NixOS.
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