On 16/10/16 18:24, Shea Levy wrote:
> The existing infrastructure will always have more load and be more
> complex than what is needed for security updates. hydra is a fully
> general CI system, and properly so, but it means the system is subject
> to bugs and constraints that a simpler more focused system can avoid.
> Moreover, for better or for worse hydra.nixos.org is only manageable by
> a small set of people who are not always available to service it (nor
> should they have to be!). No amount of improving hydra will fix that.

I see your point. But for a emergency rebuild system for security fixes
wouldn't it just make sense to have a couple of people with S3
credentials? Most packages can be built on a mildly powerful machine in
an hour. In the rare case that the package would take longer it probably
wouldn't be improved by a cluster as it will be a serial dependency chain.

So if we really want to reduce dependencies how about a couple of people
trusted to push these updated packages?

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