schneefux <> writes:

> Hello Stefan,
> On 14.10.2016 17:14, Stefan Huchler wrote:
>> I am using 16.09 but have serious problems getting owncloud running,
>> first I find it irritating that only postgresql is supportet but ok I
>> can accept that at least for now.
> here is how I use it with Let's encrypt, nginx and uwsgi - without the
> NixOS Owncloud module:
> I hope that helps.
> ~ schneefux

Well I gone with the lighttpd solution for now, but nice to have another
alternative. Funny that there are so much good solutions on user
repositiories but nothing gets merged into master.

owncloud/nextcloud is not some random exotic software should have some
priority for nixos, and its not that kolab or other stuff is better
integrated so that people could feel there is no need for that.

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