Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: ba42683e9afd8f3195d2c9659bb5f9f368ea0560
  Author: Tuomas Tynkkynen <>
  Date:   2016-10-18 (Tue, 18 Oct 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M pkgs/os-specific/linux/libselinux/default.nix

  Log Message:
  libselinux: Fix ARM build failure

Avoid this warning (which is in turn an error via -Werror):
avc_internal.c: In function 'avc_netlink_receive':
avc_internal.c:105:25: error: cast increases required alignment of target type 
 struct nlmsghdr *nlh = (struct nlmsghdr *)buf;

The code allocates abuffer with "__attribute__ ((aligned))",
then passes it via a 'char*' parameter, which is then finally cast,
causing the warning. So the code is ok but compiler is not smart
enough to see it.

It seems that -Wcast-align is a no-op on x86, so this shows up on ARM

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