Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 07dcc4f43aeb3703cf55002dc00af89cc3585a69
  Author: Frederik Rietdijk <>
  Date:   2016-11-30 (Wed, 30 Nov 2016)

  Changed paths:
    A pkgs/development/python-modules/Theano/theano-with-cuda/default.nix
    A pkgs/development/python-modules/Theano/theano-without-cuda/default.nix
    R pkgs/development/python-modules/theano/cuda/default.nix
    M pkgs/top-level/python-packages.nix

  Log Message:
  pythonPackages.Theano: move and rename variants

We have two derivations, one that supports Cuda, and one that does not.
The names, TheanoWithCuda and TheanoWithoutCuda, now reflect that.
Furthermore, a boolean passthru.cudaSupport was added.

In the future the two derivations should be merged in one, with a
parameter `cudaSupport`.

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