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  Commit: 25b61cc897ccca0c01fb2c8cb73cd5a283f749d2
  Author: aszlig <>
  Date:   2017-02-07 (Tue, 07 Feb 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M pkgs/top-level/python-packages.nix

  Log Message:
  pyocr: Use skip instead of expectedFailure

Since the update of imagemagick in
5e753c1a65e106ffaeb71ad3fa66a13b2dfaf5d5 there are certain test cases
which now unexpectly succeed and in turn cause the whole build to fail.

So in order to prevent this from happening let's skip those tests
properly instead of running them and expect them to fail.

Tested by building pythonPackages.pyocr on x86_64-linux.

Signed-off-by: aszlig <>

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