On Mon, 6 Feb 2017 18:33:19 -0600 Matthew Bauer <mjbaue...@gmail.com>
> GitHub page: https://github.com/matthewbauer/nix-bundle
> I just wanted to post about a little project I've been working on. I'm
> calling it "nix-bundle".
> Basically, what it does is: take a Nix closure, compress it into a
> tarball, and turn that tarball into an executable using "Arx". The
> final result looks like a plain shell script, but actually has a
> tarball closure appended to it. When you run that script, Arx will
> execute "nix-user-chroot" (which is included in the closure) which
> will setup a /nix/ directory, then execute a target executable. All of
> this should work "out of the box" for any Nix derivation folder with a
> valid executable.
> For example, to generate a "hello" bundle:
> ./nix-bundle.sh hello /bin/hello
> "hello" specifies pkgs.hello and /bin/hello specifies the file
> ${pkgs.helloi}/bin/hello to be executed. The output file will just be
> called "hello".
> The result is a "bundle" that can run without Nix being installed! No
> external dependencies are needed because they are all contained within
> the Nix closure.

So instead of pushing docker images around to bring an app into
non-nix-production, we can just push around a tar'ed nix tree? Nice.

- Arnold

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