Given that it's basically a PCI card which is hotplugged I'd bet on first three configuration options (they sound OK to be enabled unconditionally anyway).

I see that kernel has parallel building enabled (unless I mistakenly look somewhere else); do you have `build-cores` set in Nix? On NixOS that'd be `nix.buildCores`.

On 02/09/2017 08:12 PM, Christoph-Simon Senjak wrote:

I said in my first E-Mail that I tried the thing under Ubuntu, and that it is already the Expresscard Slot that NixOS does not recognize. Why do I get suggestions to try to plug in USB Hardware then, and try it under Ubuntu?

Anyway, I tried it under Ubuntu und Arch, it worked, I diffed /proc/config.gz, and found some differences. Here are the kernel flags that I chose from it which now made it work (I have no idea which one it was, but I have no time to try it out exactly, because somehow the Kernel is only built singly-threaded, and this takes 5 hours every time):

  nixpkgs.config.packageOverrides = pkgs: {
      bluez = pkgs.bluez5;
      stdenv = pkgs.stdenv // {
               platform = pkgs.stdenv.platform // {
               kernelExtraConfig = ''
                  HOTPLUG_PCI y
                  HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE y
                  HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI y
                  GART_IOMMU y
#                 PCMCIA y
                  PCI_REALLOC_ENABLE_AUTO y

Regards, CSS

On 07.02.2017 16:30, David Izquierdo wrote:
And while you're at it, you should probably check `lspci -k` on the
working system to see what kernel module it uses, in case it's missing
from NixOS.

On 07/02/17 12:26, Tomasz Czyż wrote:
What about doing quick check and running ubuntu from livecd/usb to
confirm if card still is alive?

2017-02-07 2:23 GMT+00:00 Roger Qiu <

    It might be a missing driver. Ultimately is the kernel, its
    drivers and modules that deal with hardware and IO. You might need
    to google around and ask specifically for the given pci expess
    hardware serial code and model.

    On 07/02/2017 9:39 AM, "Christoph-Simon Senjak"
    <>> wrote:


        On 06.02.2017 06:36, Roger Qiu wrote:

            When you plug something in, the kernel log should show
            something. If it
            doesn't then the kernel doesn't know about it, nothing in
            the userspace
            can help.

        How can that be?

            Make sure you're running those commands before you plug
            the usb in.


            Also I used to have faulty usb cables, but even then the
            kernel showed
            something. Usually repeating messages because the usb
            cable kept
            dropping out and coming back in.

            What happens if you plug those devices directly?

        The kernel does not notice the expresscard itself when I plug
        it in. My usb hard disk works perfectly under the other ports.

        Ah, and fun fact: When plugging in the expresscard, I can
        reproducibly scramble my sound output for a second (the music
        repeats for a second after I plug it in). Still, the kernel
        says nothing. And no device nodes appear.

            On 06/02/2017 2:55 PM, "Christoph-Simon Senjak"
<>>> wrote:


                On 06.02.2017 04:46, Peter Hoeg wrote:


                        My USB 3.0 Expresscard does not work under
            NixOS, it used to
                        under other distros. I already tried to add

                    Can you be a little more specific about "does not

                Nothing happens. Like, really nothing. No new hub is
            shown in lsusb
                (as it was under Ubuntu). Devices I plug in are not
            shown. Nothing.

                    When you plug it in, what messages are you seeing
            while running
                    these 2
                    commands in separate terminals:

                    journalctl -k -f


                    udevadm monitor

                Nothing. No output.

                Regards, CSS
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