Hey NixOS Users,

KDE4 and KDM haven't received regular patches in over two years now, and
only receives patches for critical security issues in the core libs at
this point. KDE5, as far as I and ttuegel know, is working flawlessly.

Until very recently, NixOS suggested KDE4 and KDM in the default
generated configuration.

As of now, master:

 - generates defaults using kde5 and sddm
 - warning about KDE4's deprecation

Ultimately, my preference is to be as aggressive as possible about
removing KDE4. My question to the community is, how aggressive is too
aggressive? How far can we go for 17.03?

Can we actually remove KDE4 the desktop manager / KDM the display
manager modules?

Can we make KDE4 / KDM as broken, making it harder to use any KDE4

Do we take one of these steps in 17.03 and then immediately proceed with
deleting KDE4 from unstable, after the branch-of?

Thank you,

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