I am consistently struggling with the following in nix: I have a repository
and I want to specify derivations for some local sub-projects. The obvious
solution is

  src = ./subproject-A;

But that pulls in everything in that directory, including build artifacts,
or random intermediate data files.

Another solution is

  src = sourceFilesBySuffices ./subproject-A [".cabal" ".hs"];

Which works reasonably well but introduces this weird dance where I suffix
files so they can be matched by sourceFilesBySuffices. Mostly I want to do

  src = [ ./subproject-A/schema.sql ./subproject-A/lib ];

Or even get all the files checked into git:

  src = gitFiles ./subproject-A; # does not work

I was wondering whether any of you have this issue, and if you do: how do
you solve it?


(see also https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/885)
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