On 02/07/17 11:42, Stephan Sahm wrote:
> Dear NixOS followers,
> I tried to use the nixOS virtualbox
> from 
> https://d3g5gsiof5omrk.cloudfront.net/nixos/17.03/nixos-17.03.1449.2e983f14f6/nixos-17.03.1449.2e983f14f6-x86_64-linux.ova
> <https://d3g5gsiof5omrk.cloudfront.net/nixos/17.03/nixos-17.03.1449.2e983f14f6/nixos-17.03.1449.2e983f14f6-x86_64-linux.ova>
> It starts correctly, however, if I try to adapt the display scaling or
> resolution to adapt for my 4k screen, the setting is lost on a restart.
> (As KDE tells me to restart for the settings to become active, I never
> actually see a rescaled KDE, but everything is very tiny).
> So the question how to make these display settings be preserved upon
> restart.
> (I successfully isntalled git and okular and cloned some repositories
> and stuff - everything is preserved as it should, only the display
> settings seem to get lost sofar)
> Any help is highly appreciated!,
> best,
> Stephan

Setting X up to inform Plasma of the right resolution might help ­— try

services.xserver.monitorSection = ''
  DisplaySize width height

to your config, where width and height are the real-world dimensions of
the screen (assuming you're running the VM full-screen) in millimetres.
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