thanks for your answer!

that should in fact not be the mistake, I followed the tutorial on
kwin-tiling step by step

On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 9:13 AM Alexey Shmalko <> wrote:

> Stephan Sahm <> writes:
> > $ plasmapkg2 --type kwinscript -i .
> >
> > Package type "KWin/Script" not found No metadata file in package
> "/home/demo" "/home/demo/" Error: Installation of /home/demo failed: No
> metadata file in package: /home/demo
> I am not a KWin user and have no idea what you're doing, but it looks
> like you're running the command in your home directory and it expects to
> be ran in another place. (Perhaps the root of the package you're trying
> to install.)
> Hope this helps,
> Alexey
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