Branch: refs/heads/release-17.03
  Commit: 7bb59ef88f3c5fc7f959fc90cc614e654f87165d
  Author: aszlig <>
  Date:   2017-07-04 (Tue, 04 Jul 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M pkgs/applications/virtualization/virtualbox/default.nix
    M pkgs/applications/virtualization/virtualbox/guest-additions/default.nix
    A pkgs/applications/virtualization/virtualbox/linux-4.12.patch

  Log Message:
  virtualbox: Add patch for Linux 4.12

Compiling the kernel modules on Linux 4.12 fails, so I've included an
upstream patch from:

The patch is applied against the guest additions as well, where we need
to transform the patch a bit so that we get CR LF line endings (DOS
format), which is what is the case for the guest additions ISO.

I've tested this with all the subtests of the "virtualbox" NixOS VM
tests and they all succeed on x86_64-linux.

Signed-off-by: aszlig <>
(cherry picked from commit 12ee0fbd8883cb5a17b499c42c8d6cdf602d1640)

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