I'm currently using  a checked out version of the channels repository
 as my channel. I was previously using the integrated channel and using
 'system.autoUpgrade.enable = true'. I assume I can no longer use this
 service for upgrades while I'm using git. Is there any way to run auto
 upgrades while using a checked out git repository? 

I was also wondering what exactly the 'nixos-rebuild switch' command's
'--upgrade' flag does. I was unable to tell from the module, and the man
page just says:

           Fetch the latest version of NixOS from the NixOS channel.

Does this means the command just pulls new additions to the nix channel
that is selected?

Seeing as the NixOS channel is just a git repository, is there a way I
can configure the auto upgrades to work with my checked out git
repository? All I've done is cherrypicked a few commits and added them
to the 17.03 channel locally.

  John Ramsden
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