Hello everyone,

tl;dr: If you have a macOS computer with Nix, please test my new
installer! Remember, if you don't like the daemon, it is easy to
uninstall again, and go back to without a daemon! Please test! Link at
the end.

I wrote an extensive, thorough, and almost always correct installer for
Darwin (macOS.)

There is no middle point of having a single-user Nix installation. It
doesn't use the default single-user nix install.sh, instead I read the
source to the single-user installer, nixos-install, and the various
NixOS modules that handle installing and configuring Nix on NixOS. 

While the script works flawlessly for me every time I use it, I'd very
much like to have other experienced Nix users test it, before inflicting
it upon newbies. Note: You have to uninstall any nix already installed,
prior to testing the installer. The installer guides you on how to do
this. Remember, at the end it is easy to uninstall again, and go back to
without a daemon! Please test! 

Thus far no user has run in to a problem they couldn't easily fix, and
every time the installer was updated to account for it. I'm tracking
successfull installations here:

Here is an issue discussing replacing the Darwin installer with this
script: https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/1061#issuecomment-313850400

TLDR Here is the installer, please test:

Thank you,
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