I have recently started using NixOS 17.03 and am having fun getting to know
it. I use the Sway window manager and wanted to make some changes to the
current nix package.

I managed to upgrade to version 0.13.0 of Sway and build the swaylock
application by including pam as a build input. There are two remaining
issues that I am not sure how to solve:

1. swaylock did not recognise the password to unlock the screen. This was
because there was no swaylock file created in the /etc/pam.d folder. When I
created this file manually swaylock worked as I expected. Could anybody
help me to understand what I need to do to get this file created during
package installation?

2. When I display the Sway version with sway --version it returns 'sway
version  (1970-01-01, branch "")'. The difference between this output and
that returned by the package already in nixpkgs is the date. Could anybody
tell me how I can get a sensible date to show up in the version output?

Any help with the above issues would be much appreciated. Please let me
know if any further information is required.


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