Thus quoth  Vladimír Čunát  at 19:16 on Mon, Jul 10 2017:
> On 07/10/2017 06:47 PM, Sergiu Ivanov via nix-dev wrote:
>> Hydra told me the package bibtex2html which I maintain got broken:
>> I waited for a couple weeks hoping the issue will fix itself, but
>> apparently it didn't.  [...]
> It didn't?  I see an evaluation a few days after that did succeed:

Oh, cool, thanks a lot!

Hydra didn't send me an "it works" notification this time and I didn't
manage to find the page you gave me a link to.  Now I've finally found
where to click, thanks a lot!  (Note to myself: it's in the Job menu at
the top of the page.)


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