Glenn Burkhardt wrote:
I've incorporated suggestions from Jerry Peek, and the new edition is attached.

It looks *great* to me, Glenn. (I skimmed it; I didn't have time to read word-by-word.) There are just a couple of stray characters here:

       If a -fcc folder switch was given to repl (see repl(1) for more details
       about %{fcc}), an "Fcc:" header is output.

%<{subject}Subject: Re: %{subject}\n%>.fi

That .fi above

       If a subject component was present,
       a suitable reply subject is output.

            %<{message-id}In-Reply-To: %{message-id}6>
            %<{message-id}References: %<{references} %{references}%> \

There are 6's instead of %'s two places above

MH.6.8 30 Dec 2000 MH-FORMAT(5)

If that date won't be bumped automatically to the new release date, I think it should be; this page is significantly different from older ones.

Thanks everyone. Now I just need to get around to updating this part (and some other parts...) of the online MH book!


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