On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 03:34:15PM -0800, Erik Berls wrote:
> I'm starting to think that my only hope is that nmh gets support for
> MailDir folders instead.  (I'm running DoveCot with MailDir on another
> server, and everything just works fine.)

Not an entirely bad idea. ;-)  I know it's been mentioned here before.
There are some big logistical issues with this, however.  MH format uses
the filesystem not only as a repository for email, but as a sorting
mechanism as well.  Emails are actually renamed in sequence by the
'sort' program.  With Maildir format, your mail client must cache an
index of references to the actual emails on the filesystem.  Both
approaches have their strengths and weaknesses.

Will NMH get Maildir support?  I don't see it as highly likely, but with
a major rewrite, perhaps.  One way around the sort problem would be to
hardlink all of the Maildir emails into an MH folder (directory), and
allow manipulation of the files through the hardlinks for NMH while
allowing Maildir access to other clients.

I haven't tried to mix Maildir and MH in procmail, but you might want to
give something like this a try:

* Subject: Test MH/Maildir
mhtest/. mdtest/

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