Ralph wrote:

> Hi David,
> :-)  Through a cunning bit of social engineering the other day,

I don't want to know :-)

> I did apparently gain access to nmh's git repository.  Is there
> anything that documents conventions in using it for the project,
> e.g. whether to check in directly on master or use a branch?

See docs/README.developers.  We don't have a written convention for
when to use a branch, so it's a judgment call considering how
invasive the changes will be, duration, likelihood of success, and
whatever else.  (I am planning to remove my old merged branches,
maybe after the release.  We don't do that very often, maybe this
can give you a clue to how often we create branches.)

> > This shouldn't happen very often, so I'd lean toward the simpler code.
> By that I guess you mean the status quo?

Yes :-)


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