Is there a policy not to use nmh's code in the test/*.c helper programs?
None of them use #includes from ./h and do all their own malloc, etc.,

I don't think there's a policy, per se. But you almost never want the test harness using the code under test to test itself.

C's `register' keyword is sprinkled liberally in some source. [...]
Anyone object to removing them?

Have at it.

There's a lot of duplication of source across files.  docs/TODO alludes
to this and I noticed it when checking semi-automatic edits.  I'll try
and clean some more of it up though I fear I'm creating ever bigger
problems for others to integrate unpushed changes?

It might be better to defer a lot of this cleanup until after 1.7 ships. Refactoring code like this always presents the chance of introducing obscure bugs that can be difficult to provoke, let alone track down.

docs/historical has a whole tree of old MH source.  Whilst useful, I
wonder if that can just be tagged and removed so it doesn't clutter `git
grep', etc., output?

I would prefer it stays. It's a very useful reference when trying to determine the intended behaviour of an obscure chunk of code.

For dealing with grep, I almost always use a wrapper script that invokes grep, then filters out stuff I don't want to see (at $WORK this is typically .svn/ noise, but anything that can be matched by an RE is fair game).


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