Hi Norm,

> scan applied to an Email like the attached dumps core. I will send
> more particulars, on request.

Could you run this scan command with 1.7-RC1 to make sure it still has
the assert(3) failure on the problem email.

    scan -format '%(decode{subject})' cur

And then repeat that but under the control of ltrace(1) to log scan's
calls to a couple of interesting C library routines.  ltrace might need
a package install, it's typically in a package of the same name.

    ltrace -o /tmp/scan.lt \
        -e 'mbtowc+wcwidth+iswcntrl+iswspace-@libc*' \
        scan -format '%(decode{subject})' cur

The -o sets the output file for the log, that's what I'd like to see,
and the -e specifies the filter of what to log.  In this case, those
four functions, but not if called by libc internally.

By comparing to local output where I don't see the problem, I'm hoping
there will be a difference that explains the assertion failure.

Cheers, Ralph.

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