>I usually send emails through my mail provider's SMTP server, but
>I sometimes send mail to my local computer. How could I specify that
>the manner of sending should depend on the recipient? At present,
>since I haven't figured this out, I use a separate MUA when I want to
>send local mail.

Ralph pointed you to 'sendfrom' support, but that's only useful for
changing post(8) swiches based on the recipient.  But you can write your
own postproc.  I use my postproc to change the switches to post(8) based
on my From: address (I did that before sendfrom support was written).  A
sample based on mine is in "$(prefix)/doc/nmh/contrib/localpostproc" or
in "nmh/docs/contrib/localpostproc" in the source distribution.

The way that works is it uses scan(1) to interrogate the draft file and
then has a case statement based on the value of the "From:" header; it
should be trivial to change it so it's based on the value of the "To:"
header.  If you have questions, just post them to the mailing list!



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