Hi Jon,

> Things always get weird as one's installed distribution gets crusty.
> My Fedora Core 27 installation

What is Fedora Core 27?  :-)  Fedora 26 is the latest version, so 27
might be Fedora Devel, but then you said it's crusty as if the 27 is a
typo for something older, but they stopped calling it Core with Core 6,
which is very crusty;  2006.

> I think that a run-time error message of the form "No editor defined.
> Set EDITOR or VISUAL in your environment , or Editor in your
> .mh_profile" is a better way to go.

It would be nice to see what you're seeing.

Using $VISUAL, $EDITOR, then `vi', as Ken said, is fine, but should not
create a packaging `requires' on a `vi', or even a `suggests' IMO.  As
Paul said, the error message when running vi fails just needs to be
clear.  I imagine Emacs users out there would not like to have to
install vi just for this;  imagine if it was the other way around.  :-)

Cheers, Ralph.


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