On Wed 5/23/18 9:23 -0400 Ken Hornstein wrote:
> >I have saved two example emails from two people I know, received after
> >my nmh 1.71 upgrade, with plain text content that have **no newlines**
> >in between paragraphs.  My understanding is these authors are lay
> >people that write paragraphs that depend on "word wrap"; ie they have
> >no newlines within paragraphs, but have one newline to separate each
> >paragraph.
> I am confused ... what exactly is the bug you're reporting?  That someone
> is sending you emails with long lines?  I don't see how that's an nmh
> bug at all, unless the senders are also using nmh.

Hi Ken:

I agree it may not be a bug; it may be something in my nmh (or other?) config 
I'm running fedora 27, with sendmail/procmail/rcvstore.

I asked the sender of one of the emails if they
put an empty line in between paragraphs, and they claim they always do so.

The other sender has been sending me email for a long time, and I
do not recall having this issue prior to the 1.7.1 upgrade. When
replying, I do not remember having to infer where one paragraph (in
the "> " quoted text) ends and another starts. "\n\n" to end a paragraph
visually clear, vs just a single "\n".



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