It does not recurse because the file is called sendmaill with double ll.

sendmail: sendmail
in my mts.conf

I get the error
post: can't exec sendmail: No such file or directory

But with
sendmail: /home/cyber/.local/bin/sendmaill
in my mts.conf it works properly. even though sendmaill is nothing but:

sendmail "$@
> Hi Cyber,
> > I use NixOS
> So there's no /bin, etc., as we know it.
> > sendmail: sendmail
> > it complains that it cannot find the file.
> I think execvp(3) is being used, so PATH is searched?
> > Right now I am using a very ugly hack, I have made an executable
> > sendmaill file in my home directory that does
> > sendmail "$@"
> > and I refer to that file in mts.conf.
> Why is that sendmail found?  What's significant about $HOME?  Why
> doesn't it recurse instead of finding the real sendmail?  There's the
> `env sendmail' trick, but that's just searching PATH, which I thought
> nmh was doing anyway by using execvp(3).
> --=20
> Cheers, Ralph.
> https://plus.google.com/+RalphCorderoy


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