Hi Martin,

> >     /usr/lib/nmh/mhl \
> >         -form <(printf '%s\n' from:decode : body:nocomponent,format) \
> >         -fmtproc true \
> >         `mhpath +foo all`
> I tried it on a folder with 2161 messages and it is not showing the
> body which is good but it is blowing up on the launch pad and dies
> after a handfull of messages:
> writer process: signal 13

That's SIGPIPE because true(1) isn't reading its input.
You need a command called `discard' or similar that `cat >/dev/null' and
use that.  `-fmtproc' doesn't take an arbitrary sh(1) command, just a
single word.

Cheers, Ralph.


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