Ralph Corderoy wrote in <20180731135013.d6e8b21...@orac.inputplus.co.uk>:
 |I recently read this `Apple Mail' email with mhshow, read the
 |plain/text, and it wasn't apparent to me there were images too.
 |    $ mhlist -nov -prefer text/plain
 |     msg part  type/subtype              size description
 |    32753       multipart/alternative    6185K
 |  1     text/plain                 134
 |  2     multipart/related        6184K
 |  2.1   text/html                  721
 |  2.2   image/jpeg               2176K
 |  2.3   image/jpeg               2401K
 |    $ 
 |Typically, the text/plain and text/html are children of the same
 |multipart/alternative, but here Apple thinks text/plain means images
 |aren't required.  Perhaps revenge for my never having purchased an Apple

I would not blame Apple, i have seen this from mailers in the
Microsoft world a lot over three years ago, but i have not yet
found any time to complete something first committed on 2015-09-19

    FIXME [mimepipe.3] *mime-alternative-favour-rich*: honour /related..

    Especially in the Microsoft world we can see /alternative
    messages which have a whole bunch of /alternative parts
    collected in a single /related part, i.e.,

          whole bunch of parts, e.g., HTML, images, etc.

    We want to print the entire /related part when used as
    an alternative.

Recursive descendent MIME parsers really suck.

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