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> Should mhfixmsg run on each incoming message, or at least
> each one with mime headers?  Maybe by adding to ~/.procmailrc?

What I do (after dealing with robo-mail from servers I know won't generate
anything needing fixing)

# Set here rather than earlier so we don't splat out zero-length files for stuff
# we filed before this, so we didn't fixmsg...
TMPFILE=`mktemp -p /home/valdis/tmp fixmsg.XXXXXXXXXX`

# Canonify to 8-bit UTF-8
:0 wf
| tee $TMPFILE | mhfixmsg -noverbose -file - -outfile -

And then a cron job that cleans up the temp files once in a while..

(Can probably punt the mktemp and tee, that's a legacy from when mhfixmsg
misbehaved sometimes.  I can't remember what the exact problem with /signed
was, signatures got broken sometimes, I suspect a pissing match between exmh,
nmh, and gpg about what "canonical form" is.

:0 wf
| mhfixmsg -noverbose -file - -outfile -

is (or should be) sufficient, I think.

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