Hi Kevin,

> What trouble is the nmh-workers list seeing with regard to my email
> address?

As an example, Mailman saw a bounce in trying to send your subscription
a copy of your email to the list.  :-)

    This is a Mailman mailing list bounce action notice:

        List:       nmh-workers
        Member:     kev...@cosgroves.us
        Action:     Subscription bounce score incremented.
        Reason:     Excessive or fatal bounces.

    The triggering bounce notice is attached below.

    X-Failed-Recipients: kev...@cosgroves.us

        all relevant MX records point to non-existent hosts

I think there's inconsistent DNS at play.  nmh's Mailman is consistently
seeing the bad data.  Google flip-flops and so you get your mail, but
sometimes after a delay.

    $ whois cosgroves.us | grep 'Name Server'
    Name Server: ns1.scnresearch.com
    Name Server: ns2.scnresearch.com
    $ dig +short +identify @ns1.scnresearch.com cosgroves.us mx
    10 qiclab.scnresearch.com. from server in 159 ms.
    $ dig +short +identify @ns2.scnresearch.com cosgroves.us mx
    10 qiclab.scn.rain.com. from server in 149 ms.

`qiclab.scnresearch.com' != `qiclab.scn.rain.com'.

    $ dig +short +identify @ns1.scnresearch.com cosgroves.us ns
    NS2.SCNRESEARCH.COM. from server in 156 ms.
    NS1.SCNRESEARCH.COM. from server in 156 ms.
    $ dig +short +identify @ns2.scnresearch.com cosgroves.us ns
    QICLAB.SCN.RAIN.COM. from server in 148 ms.
    NS2.SCNRESEARCH.COM. from server in 148 ms.

ns2 introduces a new NS into the mix.

There might be other inconsistencies too.

Hopefully, you'll get this email as I'm also sending it direct.
Or if not, you'll think to check the web archive.  :-)

Cheers, Ralph.


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