Ken Hornstein writes:
> >... procmail ensures its output starts with a `From ' line and
> >`>'-quotes any body lines starting with `From', so is basically
> >outputting an mbox file; and rcvstore saves its input verbatim).
> Are you using the -f or -d flags to procmail?

Nope, neither of those. My .forward is

"|/usr/bin/procmail -t /path/to/procmailrc || exit 75"

> I confess that I do know if it is standard to have programs called
> from a forward file to receive an mbox-formatted message or not!
> Since rcvstore is designed to be called from a forward file, I think
> that maybe the standard is to NOT receive a mbox-formatted message.

This was a good hint. Altering my .forward to

"|tee -a ~/trace | /usr/bin/procmail -t /path/to/procmailrc || exit 75"

showed that the source of the `From ' line is upstream of my .forward,
probably postfix's local daemon. I guess that the `>'-quoting is a
separate issue.

Sorry for the noise.



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