Ralph wrote:

> Hi David,
> > I wonder if Google needs the DESCRIPTION in the reply.  mhical strips it.
> Could me.  Google put an odd warning it in given it's just a
> description.  You'd think they'd key off just the UID.

They apparently can key off just the UID.  At least now they can,
I noticed that Google no longer sends me the "could not find the
event" responses, even without the DESCRIPTION.

Anyway, I (finally) narrowed the problem down to having more than
one ATTENDEE line in the response.  I just committed an update
that adds an -attendee switch to mhical(1) for cases when more
than one ATTENDEE matches the user's mailboxes.  It also retains

And I added corresponding -a switches to the calaccept, caldecline,
and caltentative aliases on docs/contrib/replaliases.

> I noticed there were two vCalendar files in the invitation email Tom
> forward, though they seem the same.

Gmail seems to do that.

Tom wrote:

# I noticed that the mhical modified invite.ics has the wrong
# value for my email address (it seems to guess it, instead of
# honoring the value in the To: field in the Google meeting
# invitation):

I think that the new -attendee switch can help you get around
this, as long as the email address you want to use is listed in
your profile in either Local-Mailbox or Alternate-Mailboxes.  If
not, I think we'd have to add another switch to mhical.  It
doesn't see the entire message, just the iCalender request.



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