>> In a perfect world I think we SHOULD parse those messages (up to the
>> limits of virtual memory), but right now we don't.
>My regular statement that no we should not accept such dribble into the
>system.  Users should be aware it's arriving.  If they then want to fix
>it, then mhfixmsg(1) is where knowledge of all the world's crud can be

The problem I have with THAT is that pretty much every other MUA deals with
this just fine; that makes us the odd one out.  And I see a chicken and
egg problem here; if we can't incorporate such a message, we can't really
have mhfixmsg deal with it.

Also, thinking more about this makes me think that at least for inc
we should be able to deal with this WITHOUT having to parse everything
line-by-line.  Even if it was a single line of 200 MB, you should be able
to write that out without having to malloc() out 200 MB.



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