Hi John,

> > So that's what nmh doesn't do.  It isn't a command-line interface to
> > remote email folders over IMAP.  It's often asked for, and Ken's put
> > a lot of thought into it.  (I may be out of date.)
> So for now, I need to use FDM/fetchmail to get a copy of the e-mails
> from the server to a mailbox file on my computer in order to be able
> to use nmh?

I think so.

> An other question if I may, I guess (1) won't help me here or can I
> use it as an alternative to fetchmail/FDM?
> 1)  https://guilhem.org/interimap/

That's an interesting program for keeping two accounts synchronised.
It hasn't been mentioned here before.  Interesting mutt(1) can make use
of it.

But you're right; just as nmh won't talk IMAP for its folder operations
to a remote IMAP server, it won't talk to a local one either.  That web
page hints that it may be possible to use an MUA that doesn't talk IMAP
but it depends how much impact cache invalidation will have, assuming
the local IMAP server copes with it correctly.  Sounds too risky to me.

Cheers, Ralph.

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