Off-Topic: Trump's massive lie about unemployment

Trump's absurd claim that 92 million Americans represent a 'nation of
jobless Americans'

        Who are the 94 million not in the labor force? The BLS has
        data for the year 2015.  It turns out that 87.5 million -- 93
        percent -- do not want a job at all ...  About 40 percent of
        the 94 million were 65 years and over (including about 19
        percent age 75 or older), indicating they were retired. About
        12 percent were between ages 16 and 19, indicating they were
        still in school. About 25 percent had a disability, though
        just over half of the people with a disability who were not in
        the labor force were 65 years and over.  Of the 41 million
        people ages 16 to 54 who were not in the labor force, roughly
        a third were enrolled in school in 2015.  People ages 16 to 24
        account for a large majority--about 85 percent--of these 15
        million students not in the labor force.  Finally, of the
        people who were not in the labor force in 2015, about 14
        percent (13 million) were parents of children under age 18.
        This includes about 4 million people not in the labor force
        with a child under 3 ... On a technical note, while Trump
        claims that the 94 million are "not part of our economy," that
        reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of economics. People
        in retirement, on disability or in school are still part of
        the economy, as they buy goods and services with their Social
        Security checks, disability payments, tuition fees and so
        forth. Their money helps create jobs for people who actually
        want to be in the labor force.  The Trump campaign did not
        respond to a request for an explanation of his use of the

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