Off-Topic: Trump supporters demand women not vote so that Trump can win

#RepealThe19th: Donald Trump supporters tweet new anthem after Nate
Silver's poll shows he'd win if only men voted

        Less than a month after the 96th anniversary of the 19th
        Amendment, which finally enshrined women's right to vote in
        the U.S.  Constitution, some supporters of Republican
        presidential nominee Donald Trump have taken to social media
        to complain that without women's suffrage their preferred
        candidate would be leading in the public opinion polls. The
        Los Angeles Times first reported on the online backlash to
        Nate Silver's recent election projections by gender. Silver's
        FiveThirtyEight website published an article Tuesday that
        found that if only men's votes counted in the 2016 election,
        Trump would easily defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton,
        with 350 electoral votes to her 188.

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Trump is also running around today ranting "Hillary has to go to jail!"
The man is worse than a moron. Oh, and by the way, if Trump actually
did win, Obama could proactively pardon her, just as Ford did for Nixon.
So sorry Deplorables, you lose, lose, lose ... and lose.

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