NYTimes: How Cats Evolved to Win the Internet


        Cats aren't the only creatures to thrive online, of course,
        and dogs actually eclipse them in search traffic. But their
        viral success is unique. According to data from Buzzfeed, the
        most popular cat posts get almost quadruple the traffic of the
        most-clicked dogs. Cat images also have unparalleled staying
        power. Other creature memes -- the "O Rly" snowy owl, the
        Socially Awkward Penguin -- tend to rise and fall rather
        quickly. But cats remain on top, pixelated apex predators
        whose peaks of online attention last for months or years.
        Their virtual success is rooted in their real biology. Cats
        are solitary, asocial hypercarnivores built to do one thing:
        get meat. The famous cat meme I Can Haz Cheeseburger, in which
        a gaping gray cat demands a quarter-pounder, had the right
        idea. Every fiber of the feline being is evolved to hunt, and
        cats employ a distinctive stalk-and-ambush approach, in which
        they sit very still and watch for prey to innocently wander
        by, then explode from the underbrush to slaughter it.  This
        stalking and pouncing is perfect for a six-second Vine or a
        pithy tweet. Think of your favorite YouTube cat videos: A cat
        springs into a box, or bops a baby on the head without
        warning, or rockets out from beneath the bed. What you're
        watching is an ambush.

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