Siemens, DHS warn of "low skill" exploits against CT and PET Scanners

        Siemens identified the vulnerabilities in a customer alert on
        July 26, warning that the vulnerabilities were highly
        critical--giving them a rating of 9.8 out of a possible 10
        using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System. The systems
        affected include Siemens CT, PET, and SPECT scanners and
        medical imaging workflow systems based on Windows 7.  One of
        the vulnerabilities is in the built-in Window Web server
        running on the systems. "An unauthenticated remote attacker
        could execute arbitrary code by sending specially crafted HTTP
        requests to the Microsoft Web server (port 80/tcp and port
        443/tcp) of affected devices," Siemens warned in its alert.
        The bug in the Web server software allows code injection onto
        the devices.

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