Contentious Memo Strikes Nerve Inside Google and Out

        For a company steeped in a rich history of encouraging
        unconventional thinking, the problem was not that he expressed
        an unpopular opinion, but a disrespectful one, according to
        Yonatan Zunger, who left Google last week after 14 years at
        the company to join a start-up. "We have a long history of
        disagreement over everything from technical issues to policy
        issues to the most mundane aspects of building management, and
        over all, that has been tremendously valuable," Mr. Zunger
        said in an email. "The problem here was that this was
        disrespectful disagreement -- and there's really no respectful
        way to say, 'I think you and people like you aren't as
        qualified to do your job as people like me."

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I've known Yonatan for years. He's spot on.

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