Fired Google Memo Writer Took Part in Controversial, "Sexist" Skit While at 
Harvard for which Administration Issued Formal Apology

        According to emails provided to Gizmodo, Andrew Murray and Tim
        Mitchison, the co-directors of the Systems Biology Program at
        Harvard--which Damore attended for two years before leaving
        the program and starting his career at Google--issued a formal
        apology to a number of students for a student skit performed
        at the 2012 Systems Biology Program Retreat. According to two
        sources, Damore was the primary performer in the skit. In an
        email dated October 15, 2012, nine days after the conclusion
        of the retreat, Murray and Mitchison wrote that the skit
        "presented material that offended many members of our
        community" and emphasized that even in the context of a
        humorous skit, "targeting any group within the program that
        can be defined by gender, by ethnicity, by sexual orientation,
        or by religious orientation, is never acceptable."

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