How did FaceApp think people would react to their new change-your-race filters?

        FaceApp, an app that uses neural networks to transform your
        selfies in some rather eerie ways, introduced filters on
        Wednesday that promised to change your racial appearance.  The
        filters allowed users to upload a selfie and select an Asian,
        black, Caucasian or 'Indian' filter.  Considering that in-app
        filters have long struggled to contend with "digital
        blackface," these new filters felt to many like a strange
        escalation of the racial insensitivity that's already plaguing
        face-swapping and transforming apps. After initially defending
        the filters, FaceApp chief executive Yaroslav Goncharov said
        in an emailed statement to The Washington Post late on
        Wednesday afternoon that the company would remove them in the
        "next few hours."

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