Reactions to My Own "Google Manifesto"

The now fired Google employee who wrote the now infamous sexist
internal memo has been busy giving interviews to alt-right racists of
the worst kind, where he's spouting fake science of the same sort
promoted by segregationists decades ago, and blaming everyone but
himself for this situation.

Meanwhile, I've been reading the reactions to My Own Damned "Google
Manifesto" that I posted less than 24 hours ago. Some of these are in
various public venues, most are arriving in my inbox -
( ).

We can leave aside for now the majority of these reactions -- which
agree with me that Google not only was correct to fire that jerk, but
really had no ethical alternative to doing so. I appreciate these of
course, but they don't provide us with the really interesting data.

On the other hand, the negative reactions are most telling.

A relative few attempt to make reasoned arguments in favor of the
ex-Googler, but of course fail miserably since the "science" arguments
on which he based his rant are so fundamentally and completely flawed.

But polite disagreements are always welcome.

As you've no doubt surmised by now, the vast bulk of the disagreeing
reactions were anything but polite.

It's not just that they're vile, crude, obscene, sexist, racist,
antisemitic, threatening, and otherwise so despicable. What's
fascinating is how just plain stupid the authors appear to be.

Apparently most of them dropped out of school at third grade. Or
perhaps its inbreeding. In any case, you'd be hard pressed to find a
more illustrative collection of alt-right morons -- incapable of
correctly writing sentences even of just a few words, spelling skills
roughly equivalent to your average brick, and of course "stuck"
caps-lock keys. Many are unable to even spell common obscenities
correctly. Sad!

Perhaps most amusing are the ones who incorrectly assume from my first
name that I'm female (and have apparently never bothered to view my
"official" photo -- ), and so are
not only using inappropriate obscene terminology for referencing me,
but are also rudely and obscenely suggesting physically impossible
personal interactions.

I don't often quote the Bible, but Proverbs 13:20 seems appropriate

     Walk with the wise and become wise,
     for a companion of fools suffers harm.

In other words, you're judged by the company you keep.

And given the sexists, racists, antisemites, and other alt-right
lowlifes with which our ex-Googler has now allied himself, I'd assert
that we're getting a clearer picture every day of how deeply
permeating this particular fool's twisted belief structure has become.

One thing's for sure. Google is well rid of him.

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