READ THIS: "This Is Just Like GamerGate": How The Pro-Trump Media Turned James 
Damore Into A Hero Overnight

        Others in the pro-Trump media cite the Molyneux interview as a
        crucial move for Damore. "I think it indicated to our whole
        group that he was the real deal," Posobiec told BuzzFeed News.
        Cernovich agreed that the decision to forgo legacy news
        endeared him to the pro-Trump base.  "He's red-pilled on the
        fourth-generation media strategy," Cernovich said. "You don't
        give the ratings and ad dollars to the the people who want to
        go out there and trip you up or demonize you." Cernovich
        argued that the Molyneux interview allowed Damore to reach his
        target audience -- which doesn't read, listen, or watch
        mainstream media.

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